Richings Park and Thorney Residents Association

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Chairman: Graham Young

7, The Ridings  Tel:  654010

Vice Chairman: Maureen Worrall

56, Syke Ings  Tel:  653669


Treasurer: Matthew McEvoyTel:

86 Bathurst Walk Tel: 654987

Secretary: Jan Wiseman

52, Syke Ings                   Tel: 651529

Naz Akbar

5, Bathurst Close Tel:  07956 906332

Mukhtar Ali   Tel:

17 Bathurst Walk

Maureen Atkinson  

23, Somerset Way       Tel: 654609

Sue Barber   

17 Wellesley Court     Tel: 653174

Alan Barrett    

100, Thorney Mill Road      Tel: 01895 440630

Karanveer Singh Bembey  

33, Wellesley Avenue Tel: 655933

Paul Griffin

Wellesley Avenue

Stewart O’Malley

13 Somerset Way

Wendy Matthews

23, Old Slade Lane Tel:  652187

Daphne Wood       

18, North Park Tel: 653404

Committee Members 2016-2017

The Committee meets once per month except in August and April at the Sports Club in Wellesley Avenue.  Residents are welcome to attend for the first 15 minutes to address the committee on any concerns that they may have.