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Unfortunately we have had to take down the ability to send us information via the forms feature on the website.  An incompatability between the CAPTCHA system which is used to prevent spam email and the software we use to maintain the website means that it will not work any more.  The providers of our web authoring software, Serif, had stated that they do not wish to support the package from the end of August 2018.  We are therefore exploring the acquisition of a new package and a new website.  Hopefully we will have this up and running within the next few weeks.

We are urging everyone to write to the Secretary of State to place their objection on record to the proposal by Bucks County Council that they should be the single authority for Bucks and that the local district councils should be abolished.  From past and current experience we know that Aylesbury is totally indifferent to the plight of the Ivers.  When Martin Tett responded to the recent statement he said that they would be working for everyone in the county from Silverstone down to Burnham.  Note that he didn’t say as far as Iver!  The full story can be found on the Iver Parish Council website via this LINK.

As agreed at the last North Park Quarry Liaison Meeting I am emailing to let you know that works are planned to commence on Monday to the bellmouth for the access into North Park Quarry.  The works are planned from 12 March 2018 through to 6 April 2018.  The plan attached and details below indicate the timings of works, signage and duration of works along North Park.  These timings have been confirmed by Bucks Highways.

Timing of working are required to take place as follows:

– Works to take place between the hours of 9:30 and 15:30

– Signals to be manned and manually controlled between the hours of 7:00 and 19:00. 24 hour signals to be used for the duration of SSE’s works only (approx. 1 week) Planned for W/C 26.3.18

Road space booking for 12.3.18 – 6.4.18

W/C 12.3.18 - JSM to dig and lower 7 x fibre cable ducts (Virgin Media x 4, Colt x 2, Zayo x 1) – 2 weeks allowed

W/C 26.3.18 - Fentons to dig for SSE, connection made to site by SSE 28/29th March, Fenton to reinstate

W/C 2.4.18 - Fentons to form bellmouth

CEMEX apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused during this time.

Residents and businesses affected by higher levels of air pollution in Iver are being asked to take part in a public consultation. South Bucks District Council is proposing to declare a new Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) in the district and is carrying out a public consultation over the designation. The proposed AQMA would cover the Iver Parish area.  Local councils are obligated by DEFRA to monitor the levels of nitrogen dioxide in their areas and ensure that they do not exceed the objectives set out in the National Air Quality Strategy. If the objectives are not met in any one place, the council is obligated to declare an AQMA.  Councillor Luisa Sullivan, South Bucks’ Cabinet Member for Environment said: “Declaring an AQMA is a positive and vital first step to improving local air quality and tackling pollution. It is important that the public have the opportunity to have their say on the proposed AQMA and I would encourage anyone who would like to comment to take part in our consultation.  “Once the AQMA is in place, we will work with local residents, businesses, partners and other interested parties to develop an Action Plan which will identify measures to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels and improve the local air quality.”

Details of the consultation and a link to the online survey can be found here:

The Civil Aviation Authority have started a survey on people’s reaction and issues in connection with aircraft noise.  You can complete this survey by clicking HERE.  HACAN hav just released a noise map with video interviews of people affected by noise.  This can be viewed by clicking HERE.

A new Tab entitled THORNEY SIDINGS has been opened in the CURRENT ISSUES section of the website with details of the Breedon Aggregate Planning Application.

We now receive a weekly briefing digest of airport related matters, in particular, the march towards a 3rd runway at Heathrow.  The latest version can be found <HERE>.

The Constitution of the Association can be found HERE

The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held on Wednesday April 18 at 7:30pm at Richings Park Sports Club.  All residents of Richings Park are invited to attend.

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