Footpath resurfacing works are to be carried out by Bucks CC over the period January 22nd to February 2nd in Bathurst Walk and Thorney Lane South.  Traffic Signals will be used to protect the workers and will be in force from 9:30am to 3:30pm.

On Monday 15th January 2018 between 12 pm and 3 pm a burglary occurred at Richings Way, Iver. The offenders gained access by forcing the front door and stole jewellery.  If you saw or heard anything suspicious in the area of Richings Way please contact Amersham Investigation Hub via the Thames Valley Police non emergency number, 101 and quote crime reference 43180014726.

 If you don’t want to speak directly to the police you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or online at

 The planning application for a railway station car park on Thorney Lane South was approved by SBDC planning on January 10th.  One of the next stages is for a consultation to be held on what sort of parking restrictions and residents permits will be required on the estate to deter commuter parking but make it easy for residents and local businesses to have parking to suit their needs.  Watch this space for details!

We attended a briefing at Heathrow on January 10th about their plans and timetable for an initial consultation on the building of a new runway and especially on their need for land outside of the airport boundary to house displaced businesses e.g freight, offices and hotels. They have their eye on both green belt and brownfield sites in  Richings Park for this.  They will be sending more details out to all residents over the coming weeks and will be holding public exhibitions on the subject.  The most local for us will be on March 2nd from 12 noon to 8:00pm at the Sports Club in Wellesley Avenue.  Iver Parish Council have been analysing the consultation documents being published by Heathrow ( these can be read at ) and the following areas relevant to us are,:

Please note within the 222 Page 'Heathrow Expansion - Our Emerging Plans' document there are a number of areas of interest directly relating to The Ivers. A full set of documents will be available in due course from The Ivers Parish Council Offices and further updates will follow.


Colne Brook diversion at The Poynings and Flood diversion site in the field opposite.

Thorney Mill Road this includes Thorney Country Park, the Golf Course where there may be some properties that would be displaced.

East of Bangors Road South

North Of Iver Lane (Cape Board Land)

(Pages 68 & 69 of Heathrow Expansion – Our Emerging Plans)


Gypsum Site (Old Aggregate Industrial Site)

(Pages 79 & 80 of Heathrow Expansion – Our Emerging Plans)

Total Fuel Depot

(Page 100 of Heathrow Expansion – Our Emerging Plans)


Old Slade Lane

(Page 127 - 13(BP-04)

Borrow Pits: will be used to supply mineral resources for the required fill material on site. Following excavation, the pits may be reinstated as lakes, or restored using excavated waste from the landfill sites that cannot be left in-situ within the airport boundary.


Thorney Mill Road Aggregate Site (Old Aggregate Site & Thorney Sidings)

(Pages 208 & 209 of Heathrow Expansion – Our Emerging Plans)

Message from Iver Parish Council:  It has come to our attention that Bucks County Council is considering a ‘Restoration Project’ at Thorney Country Park ‘Thorney Park is a 22 Ha former sand and gravel pit and waste landfill, with the last waste being accepted to site in 1990. A large portion of this site (approximately 8 Ha) remains an effective lake, purported to be up to 30m deep and is subject to a fishing license. The site is generally used by dog walkers and generally a maintenance liability to BCC. BCC have been in talks with a civil engineering and environmental contractor about their interest to take the site forward and bring it back into beneficial use by the local community. The proposals would include the restoration of the lake to more modest depths with landscaping at the shoreline to allow for amenity activities such as boating and lacustrine habitats. The proposal in brief consists of capping contaminants in the ground and tipping the sites with inert spoil. The contractors would then in consultation with the local community work up a scheme and take it through the planning process at their cost which if planning is approved they would implement. The contractors estimate that there is a potential of importing natural soils for the creation of these schemes in the case of Thorney Park an estimated circa 2,000,000 tonnes. The contractors have identified an old rail line that runs parallel to the site and have achieved an in principle agreement with NR to move all the spoil to site via rail and not by road -which will be welcome news to planners and residents.’ The Ivers Parish Council is extremely concerned that there has been no consultation with the Parish Council and local residents and that Bucks County Council are considering going ahead on this basis. We have made the following comment to Bucks County Council and we would urge you as residents to take an interest in this Former Landfill and Restoration Project Proposal. Thorney Country Park is the 4th of the Bucks County Council Parks. It is a public open space. The Country Parks team are supposed to maintain it but have neglected to do so for many years. It was originally landscaped and set up with a wonderful circular walk, bird hides and bird sanctuaries on the lake which have been very successful in attracting all manner of birds, and many birdwatchers. It is very popular with the local residents who are very protective of it, and who carry out some basic management. There is also a fishing contract let on the lake so we fail to see how it is a maintenance liability for Bucks. It has developed into a wonderful wildlife area and ideally residents want it to stay that way and not be subject to dumping and eventual landscaping. The Parish Council were asked to consider taking on the Park some time ago and investigated the contamination matters in detail. The contractors who monitor the site on a regular basis assured us that there are no issues with contamination and at that time all but one of the methane vents had ceased to produce gas. The lake would not be so well stocked with fish and support the vast range of water and other birds that it does if there was any leachate into it. The vegetation would not be so thick as it is and support the range of wildlife it does if the ground was contaminated, nor would there be open public access. This site has a long history of gravel extraction, infilling, re-extraction and infilling, not just the recent one that has been documented. Locals still remember all the horror they faced when all this was going on over decades! They do not want any further disruption. The plan to use the "old railway line" is totally non-viable. It is not an old line, it is very much current and active and extensively used by a large no of operations currently sited alongside it. There are very few slots available on it as was proved by the problems encountered by the owners of Thomey Sidings (the site directly opposite) when trying to remove all the dumped waste by rail recently - it took them 2 years to remove 20,000 tons by rail. On this basis it will take 100 years to carry out the planned infill. In addition to all the other users of this line, Breedon, who have a current planning application with the County, also claim they are going to use it for their works. There is no direct access from the railway line onto the site so a long sidings would have to be built. It is therefore inevitable that HGVs will be bringing the spoil in, with an estimate of 25 tonnes per HGV that is 160,000 HGV movements in and out on our local roads.

This is a LINK to the South Bucks Community and Wellbeing Plan 2017-2020 which has now been agreed by Council. The Plan provides a clear vision as to how South Bucks District Council will work in partnership to help improve local services and facilities over the next three years. Consultation with community groups, Chiltern and South Bucks Strategic Partnership, District Councillors and Town/Parish Councils took place last summer and since then the Plan has been developed and put through the Council’s formal decision-making process.

Plans have been submitted by Network Rail for the development of Iver Station which will create an entrance building on the south side of the station which is the main station approach along Wellesley Avenue. The intention is to provide a modern building with a bright and airy interior to replace the existing single-story building which due to its size has very limited facilities and is now in poor of condition being at the end of its useful life. The proposal includes lifts, in order to improve accessibility at the station in advance of the new Crossrail services stopping at Iver Station. Click on this LINK for further information.   For further information on timelines and the management of the new services please visit the RAILWAYS ISSUES page in the CURRENT ISSUES section of the website.

The Civil Aviation Authority have started a survey on people’s reaction and issues in connection with aircraft noise.  You can complete this survey by clicking HERE.  HACAN hav just released a noise map with video interviews of people affected by noise.  This can be viewed by clicking HERE.

A new Tab entitled THORNEY SIDINGS has been opened in the CURRENT ISSUES section of the website with details of the Breedon Aggregate Planning Application.

The Government have now reached a decision on night flight restrictions at Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted for the next 5 years.  The report and consultation results can be read HERE.

We now receive a weekly briefing digest of airport related matters, in particular, the march towards a 3rd runway at Heathrow.  The latest version can be found <HERE>.

RPRA attended a presentation at Heathrow on the timeline and process that Heathrow expected to follow to obtain planning permission for their new North West Runway.  Acopy of the presentation slides can be viewed HERE.

We have now added a link in the Roads and Pavements page in the Current Issues Section of the website that will allow you to see problems that have been reported to the relevant council.

The Constitution of the Association can be found HERE

The next Committee Meeting of the Association will be held at 7:30pm on Tuesday January 23rd 2018 at the Sports Club in Wellesley Avenue.

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