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Thorney Sidings

A company by the name of Breedon Southern Ltd have submitted a planning application to Buckinghamshire County Council to use the old Thorney Lane Sidings site as a depot for the receipt of aggregates by rail and their processing into concrete in a batch plant from where they will be transported by road passing along Thorney Mill road, Richings Way and North Park.  They intend this to be a 7:00am to 23:00 road operation from Monday to Friday but 24 hours for the import of aggregates by rail. This will entail around 82 lorry movements per day.

Residents are urged to object and a procedure has been suggested as follows: Could you please send/share and pass on this message to your friends.


Step by step guide on how to add your objection towards this planning proposal:

1.       Please review and update the ATTACHED OBJECTION DRAFT  - add any other information you feel that has been missed that you feel strongly about and change the wording if possible. Also review the yellow section as we need add relevant local policies, etc.

2.       Each person from your household should send the letter as an attachment from the his/her own email account,. Details of the email address are shown below.

3.       Please share this request and procedure with all your friends in Iver, Richings Park, Iver Heath, West Drayton, Langley, Slough, Colnbrook and Uxbridge. Any interested party can put in the objection to this planning application.     

4.     Website to put your initial objections forward is to put in comment box:

I strongly object to the above planning permission that is being sought.  I will be sending a separate email outlining my concerns as 2000 character is not enough.  I and many of the residents will be asking for an extension to respond as we only became aware at the beginning of June 2017 and need more time to object.





( The CC addresses will help to collate a distribution list so that any future updates can be communicated easily regarding this case and also as proof that all the objections have been sent to South Bucks Planning. )

Subject of email: CM/19/17


Email body:

For the attention of Mrs. Gemma Crossley/Mrs Jo Richards - Case officer

Dear Sir / Madam,


Please find attached my objections regarding the following planning application:

Breedon Southern Limited: Planning application for the importation, storage and onward distribution of rail borne aggregates together with the erection and use of a concrete batching plant and associated infrastructure

Thorney Mill Sidings, Thorney Mill Road, Iver, Buckinghamshire, UB7 7EZ

I would like to receive the formal response to my objection in case the above planning application will be granted to Breedon Southern Limited.

Thank you,

Your Full name

Your address

Our County Councillor, Luisa Sullivan, who will present a formal objection to the BCC Planning Committee has sent a written outline of her objection a copy of which appears below:

Further to your request for my comments on this minerals and waste planning application as County Councillor for The Ivers I wish to object to this planning application proposal in its entirety for the following reasons...


Concern raised as this application primarily brings HGV traffic to the Ivers and with no alternative Relief route currently available the nature of these vehicles will cause congestion and pollution to the local Ivers road network.


With road width restriction into London Borough of Hillingdon, the traffic from this proposed site is forced onto the Richings Park and Iver village roads which are highly congested and suffering increased pollution levels. Currently It is apparent that this areas pollutant monitoring limits are regularly exceeded and an area of AQMA is expected to be declared.


The Hurlestone report Jan 2017, item 1.7 refers

This planning proposal states that it requests almost a 24hr 7 day, 0700 - 2300 mon - fri and 0700 1600 Sat, an excessive operating schedule, this is unacceptable to the locality and would be detrimental to the quality of living for residents around the site and along the site access routes.


I refer to the latest minerals and waste core strategy policy which control usage and conditions relating to HGVs..This proposal contravenes this core strategy.


I refer to the Transport Statement written by The Hurlestone Partnership in Jan 2017


Item 1.2 refers that aggregates would be imported to the site predominantly by rail and transferred to storage bays. 

This Is disputed by myself, local district councillors  and Iver Parish Council as it has been confirmed and is commonly known that there are minimal freight movement slots available on this stretch of rail line. It would be required to bring aggregates in by road due to the lack of rail line slots to accommodate operating demand for aggregate supply.


On this part, also please consider the recent permission granted for the Cemex mineral excavation and concrete batching plant, which is at close proximity to this Breedon planning application site.

 It can be a consideration to planning to consider locations of planning granted site providing the same business operation. There is nothing mentioned in any of the reports that consider the Cemex sites existence or indeed considers whether a need exists, for potentially, two sites operating along the same stretch of Road.

I would object to the Breedon proposal due to the planned permitted site of Cemex extraction and concrete batching in such close proximity.

To endorse the above I Refer The Hurlstone report ..item 1.8 details a remaining unused 100,000 tonnes of aggregate would be stored on the site to be sold progressively throughout the year, this would create additional excessive HGV movements which contradicts the applicants claim that this site reduces HGV movements within the locality.


If this application is considered for approval I request the following points of mitigation for the benefit of local residents and road routing 


1. A restriction on HGV movements entering and leaving the proposed site, as conditioned on the recent Cemex site, North Park, Over.

2. A restriction on access routing to direct HGV movements to the most direct access road route to the motorway network.

3. S 106 funds or mitigation cost commitment for applicants to provide air quality monitoring equipment to monitor air quality in the immediate vicinity of proposed site.

4.A consideration to reduce speed limits in the area...reducing pollutant emissions in the locality and giving safer speeds around the mini roundabout and through the traffic calm zone of North Park.

5.A condition to restrict, reduce and monitor proposed hours of operation, for example, as committed on the Cemex site application.

6. Sound, and dust green screen bund protection for immediate residents to the site.

7. A financial contribution from the applicant to upgrade and repair where appropriate pavement areas along the site and access routes.

8. A financial contribution from the applicant to improve and install a combined cycleway and improved pedestrian footpath between the Ridgeway ind est and Iver cross rail station.


I appreciate your time and considerations on these matters.




Cllr Luisa Sullivan