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This is the vehicle by which the Government hoped to obtain an unbiased set of recommendations as to how the runway capacity of London's airports could be increased to cope with the expected growth of flights in and out of the Capital.  A total of 128 proposals were received by the Commission and from these 4 options emerged as possible solutions: 2 at Heathrow, one at Gatwick and an outside chance of a totally new airport in the Thames Estuary in Kent.

The two proposals that concern Heathrow come from 2 separate bodies: A North West runway submitted by Heathrow Airport Ltd and a Northern runway extension supported by a rail/road hub/terminal sited roughly where Thorney Golf Course is now and submitted by an organisation named Heathrow Hub.

Further details can be obtained from reading the following documents:

1. Heathrow Airport Ltd initial submission to the Davies Commission

2. Heathrow Hub initial submission to the Davies Commission

3. Davies Commission interim report from December 2013.

4. The case against runway expansion at Heathrow submitted by HACAN.

5. RPRA Response to the Davies Commission Report

6. Davies Commission summary of responses to their initial report.

7. Gatwick Airport's critique of the Heathrow Airport proposal

8. Letter to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Transport from the Airports Commission

9. Heathrow Airport Limited proposed compensation scheme

10. Link to Heathrow Airport Limited (HAL) website with the revised submission on May 15, 2014.  Numerous downloads available here.

11. Heathrow Hub final submission to the Davies Commission on May 15, 2014

12. Davies Commission Appraisal Framework ( the criteria used to evaluate the final submissions to arrive at a recommendation )

13. CAA paper and proposals for reducing noise at airports

14. Link to the Airports Commission website for the final submissions made by Heathrow Hub, Heathrow Airport Ltd, and Gatwick Airport and the Commission's Analysis of these.


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