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Graffiti is the illegal or unauthorised defacing of a building, wall or other edifice or object by painting or otherwise marking it with words, pictures or symbols.

Graffiti lowers the tone of a neighbourhood and Richings Park is suffering at the present time.  The most practical way to deter it is to remove it as soon as possible.

Offensive graffiti is a criminal act.  If you see any graffiti you should report it as soon as possible.   You should report it to both the Council and the Police.  Details are as follows:-

a)  To the clerk of the Parish Council, Glenda Collins telephone 01753 655331, who collates a list of locations for graffiti removal and passes it on to South Bucks District Council.

b)  To South Bucks district council.  You can write, telephone or use the Internet.  Telephone: 01895 837200.                      Internet:,    then  for general information click on Graffiti removal policy, and then to report it click on the Graffiti reporting form which will enable you to report it on their website.

c)  To the Police on their non emergency telephone no. 0845 8 505505 and request a Unique Reference Number for future use if you need to report it elsewhere. Or, if you prefer you can telephone Crime Stoppers anonymous on 0800 555 111 to record graffiti offences.

d)  If it is on Railway property then report it to the British Transport police on 0800 40 50 40.

Helpful information to supply when you report graffiti:-

a) Tag information.  A tag is the stylised signature of a graffiti offender.  It usually takes the form of several letters in a particular arrangement to tell his/her peer group who defaced the surface.  More than one conviction has been obtained on the basis of tag identification.  If you have a digital camera to photograph it then that can provide useful visual evidence for the Council and the Police.

b) The nature of the graffiti eg is it offensive or just plain defacement?

c) The exact location (which may need more than a simple address) of the graffiti and whose property it is written upon.

South Bucks District Council Policy is to endeavour to remove general graffiti on Council land or property within 10 working days of it being reported. The aim for Offensive Graffiti is reduced to 2 working days.

If the graffiti is not on Council property or land it is the responsibility of the property owner to have it removed (this includes the utility supply companies, transport, telephone, royal mail post boxes, etc.).  The aim is to try to ensure graffiti removal within a reasonable time in such instances.  The Council has the power to issue a "Graffiti removal notice" requiring an owner to remove graffiti from private land (this could take a month or more).

You may have have read in  the February issue of Iver Parish Magazine that County Councillor Alan Oxley has allocated some money for use by the Parish Council to remove graffiti.   

Richings Park is looking for residents living near cable distribution boxes to "adopt" the box and keep it clear of graffiti.  Iver Parish Council may be able to supply paint for this purpose.  If we can actively clean up the area and KEEP it clean (that is the essential part and this may take a while before the vandals tire of rewriting their tags)  then Richings Park becomes a more attractive area.  If you would like to “adopt” a box then please contact your Residents Association road warden who can help you obtain the materials.

Targets for graffiti include cable boxes, post boxes, electrical sub stations, street name signs, any hoardings and even brickwork - the trick is to endeavour to remove the graffiti within 24 hours after first photographing it with a digital camera.  The photograph can then be forwarded to the police and council which will help them identify the offender(s).

Breaking News - April 2nd, 2008

PC 6044 Caroline Tailor, your local Neighbourhood Specialist Officer, is pleased to report that three youths have been arrested in connection to graffiti offences following a joint venture with the parish council.

PCSO Bates and PCSO Moat working with the parish clerk and members of the parish council services worked tirelessly to identify and evidence graffiti tags sprayed in the local area. This is not only an eyesore for the local residents and the community in general but the cleaning and repair of the damage is the responsibility of the council.

It is hoped that these arrests will deter any other potential graffiti vandals and send a message that the police will not tolerate this behaviour in the future. Please report any incidents of criminal damage or anti-social behaviour to the police on 0845 8 505 505 or if you wish to remain anonymous to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

If you wish to speak to PC Tailor or PC Edwards they can be contacted by asking for Iver Police station on the 0845 8 number.