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On July 1st, 2015 the long-awaited report of the Airports Commission was published and its recommendation was that Heathrow should be considered as the priority airport for an additional runway.  The full report can be viewed via this LINK.

In response, RPRA initiated a petition requesting that our MP, Dominic Grieve, should actively join the ranks of those MPs who are opposed to this recommendation. The RPRA Committee met with Dominic Grieve on December 10, 2015 and presented him with the petition.  His response was that whilst he accepted that the environmental conditions relating to pollution and noise must be addressed, his view was that Heathrow expansion as opposed to Gatwick was preferable not only in terms of national economic benefit but also local.  In respect of the latter his view was that Heathrow expansion would result in considerable inward investment in our area that should lead to improvements in the area that would be to our benefit.  He also expressed the same views when answering questions on Radio 4’s Any Questions on the following day.

The Residents’ Association have been given the right of representation on a number of committees that are working with the airport. Minutes of the meetings of these bodies appear below for download.

Local Focus Forum : March 2015, October 2015,  January 2016, March 2016,  March 2017, June 2017

Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council: June 2014  , January 2015 , December 2015 , June 2016 ,   March 2017,  July 2017

Heathrow Community Noise Forum - link to their website HERE

Following from the Airports Commission report, Heathrow held a briefing meeting on Wednesday July 15.  Key points made were, as follows:

Heathrow are now gearing up with the selection of contractors and sub-contractors and feel that Government approval will be forthcoming.  They don’t like the restriction on night flights and a possible 4th runway and will be lobbying the government not to implement these in their approval plan.  They don’t believe that additional housing will be required for staff at the expanded airport as they believe that their plans for public transport expansion will enable anyone to travel to the airport by public transport.  A paper outlining their ideas for enhanced public transport links will be published soon. There will only be 2 terminals at the new airport, T2 and T5 which are being renamed as Heathrow East and Heathrow West respectively.  T1 and T3 will be demolished.  Not sure about T4 though.

A summary of the report of the Environmental Audit Committee that has caused the Government to delay their decision on runway expansion can be read HERE.  A video of the committee taking evidence from Heathrow and others can be viewed via this LINK

RPRA are members of HACAN and the latest edition of their newsletter can be found HERE with suggestions for a protest letter that could be written to Theresa May.


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