Richings Park and Thorney Residents Association

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Public Meeting with Heathrow Airport Limited on November 25, 2014

Following a request from both the Parish and South Bucks District Councils, Heathrow Airport attended a public meeting in Richings Park to outline the latest situation following the release of the Davies Commission Report on the various proposals they had received.  Arising from the questions posed by members of the public, a series of actions arose for HAL to report back to us.

Ground noise maps - you agreed to send some large scale maps showing the ground noise contours. In HAL's technical appendix on noise, there are ground noise maps for both aircraft noise and road traffic noise, with and without mitigation. It is a pity that you didn't have copies of these last night, as we would have liked to have seen and discussed HAL's conclusions. However, grateful if you could send the large scale hard copies to Wendy at Iver Parish Office and then I suggest we pick this up at our next meeting.

Ground noise mitigation - we discussed ground noise mitigation by use of bunds and accoustic fences, and we asked how effective this was over a longer distance, but you did not have the information with you last night. Referring to your technical appendix on noise, section 4.5.1 aircraft ground noise - physical mitigation, it says that "At the boundary the Masterplan includes noise bunding and acoustic fencing at five key locations that will help reduce noise from airside operations for people living in Harmondsworth, Sipson, Poyle, Stanwell and Stanwell Moor." Therefore, can you please advise whether any of the measures that you discussed will mitigate ground noise in Richings Park.

Surface access - we discussed the fact that HAL would develop plans to address the potential problems of freight traffic, illegal parking and lack of public transport if the third runway were approved for Heathrow. However, given that we are already experiencing these problems , residents asked why HAL is not addressing these now. You agreed to revert with an answer on this.

Iver logistics centre - we discussed the fact that you have identified Iver as a potential growth area for logistics, but the local councillors advised that this was not in the South Bucks local plan and referred you to core policy 16. You agreed to check the policy and come back to us; also that if this were incorrect you would advise the Airports Commission.

Freight traffic - we discussed the potential growth in freight traffic to support Heathrow expansion and the fact that there was no forecast for this in HAL's submission to the Airports commission. You said you would look into this and revert to us with a freight traffic forecast.

Air quality from freight traffic - we discussed the potential increase freight traffic and its effect on air quality in Iver, combined with pollution from the airport. You agreed to check whether increased freight traffic was taken into account in the air pollution modelling and advise us of the outcome.