Richings Park and Thorney Residents Association

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Parking at the Shops

As everyone is well aware, the situation has got out of control due to the increasing number of rail commuters parking their cars around there during the working day.  This, in turn, has caused an overflow of parking onto the pavement areas.

As at December 1st, 2014 Bucks County Council has taken on the powers of enforcement of the parking regulations from the police.  A firm of traffic Wardens has been given the contract of ticketing cars that have breached the allowed time and space given to parking as well as double/single line and other offences and tickets are now being issued to offenders.

This will inevitably lead to long term commuter parking displacing itself down to neighbouring streets that have no restrictions.  Over the period of the next few months, once things have got time to settle, a survey will be conducted on the streets thus affected to see whether there is an appetite to add further restrictions based on a residents parking only scheme.  In this respect it may be instructive to read the attached PARKING KIT issued by Bucks CC to its councillors to learn how the system works - and doesn’t in some cases!

The current Bucks CC Plan for parking regulation changes can be viewed HERE.

It is not an offence in law to park a motor vehicle, other than an HGV, on a grass verge unless it causes an obstruction or a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) or byelaw is in force prohibiting it.Section 19 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 prohibits parking by HGV's. An HGV which has an operating weight exceeding 7.5 tonnes . A similar prohibition to apply to other motor vehicles was contemplated in the late 1980's but was repealed before it ever came into force .In light of the above it is a criminal offence to park an HGV on a verge adjacent to a road irrespective of the presence or absence of waiting restrictions and this can be enforced by the police.