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Schools and Transport


There is currently a Facebook group called "Bucks Parents Home To School Transport Group" .   This group exists for parents of students attending the Buckinghamshire schools and colleges using the Home to School Transport services. Please join it if you are experiencing any problems or have any issues with how it is performing, to help us campaign for better and fairer services. The idea is to be a focus point for parents to come to us with any concerns they have regarding the School Bus Transport service run by Bucks County Council

The topics that have been raised so far are the standard of some of the buses being used (interiors filling with smoke, numerous breakdowns, holes in the floor that could endanger the students, overcrowding situations etc), the behaviour of the bus drivers, behaviour of the students, buses not keeping to schedule, the costs now involved with getting students to schools colleges, and so forth.

For enquiries on bus boarding and alighting points, discretionary travel, 16+ renewals, bus passes or any concerns in relation to the transport operator:

Tel: 01296 387439 - open 8am term time, 9am non-term time

(this is not a line to discuss free entitlement to transport, you will need to contact the Admissions and Transport Team using the Contact Us form)