Richings Park and Thorney Residents Association

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Speeding Vehicles

We have just obtained data from a survey carried out of vehicle speeds in Richings Park. In the week that this took place, the following data was noted: 24 counts of vehicles exceeding 81mph on North Park and 4 in Thorney Lane South, North Park is rarely below 45mph and Thorney Lane is rarely above 45mph.

High speeds mainly tend to occur in the very early morning and throughout the evening. Once traffic volumes rise for the 'rush hour' this seems to constrain speeds. The same is noticeable at weekends but with a time shift of a few hours.

It may be of interest to know that North Park/Richings Way is the most heavily used unclassified road in the whole of South Bucks District carrying around 10,000 vehicle movements per day with over 1,000 of these being heavy goods vehicles.

The Residents Association now has a radar speed gun. We have teamed up with the Community Safety Partnership which allows us to send them data collected by the speed gun together with vehicle registration numbers. This then triggers a letter to be sent to the vehicle owner advising them that the vehicle has been seen exceeding the speed limit. If three letters are accumulated like this then the owner will receive a visit from the police to discuss these transgressions!